Virtual Town Hall: Unsheltered Homelessness

Soon, we hope, we will move from crisis to recovery. We will discuss our unsheltered homelessness crisis, how we got here and solutions for today, focusing on improving the quality of life for the homed and homeless.

Mark Johnston: Mark is one of our nation’s most knowledgeable and respected experts on homelessness. Mark worked for over 30 years at the Federal level where he helped design and implement the nation's homelessness programs, in every administration from Reagan to Obama administration. For the past 6 years, Mark has been working directly with individual communities and states to reduce and end homelessness.

Keith Wilson: Candidate for Portland City Council Position #4, born and raised in Portland, and President of TITAN Freight Systems. Since taking over TITAN, Keith grew the company six-fold transforming it into one of the most modern, safe and technologically advanced carriers in the nation. Keith is a dedicated community volunteer and committed to helping the houseless population in Portland.

Cameron Whitten: (all pronouns) is a community activist, small business owner, nonprofit executive, and candidate for Metro Council District 5. Cameron overcame homelessness as a Portland youth and has spent the past decade giving back to the same community that helped him when he needed it. They are the founder of racial justice nonprofit Brown Hope, and most recently served as the Executive Director of Portland’s LGBTQ+ community center, Q Center.