Homelessness Emergency

Homelessness is a dehumanizing and deeply traumatic experience that no person should have to endure. The reasons are complex. They include addiction and mental illness and the lack of treatment and a lack of affordable housing. Last year 80 people died living on the Portland streets, mostly due to addiction, homicide, exposure and illnesses, often untreated because of unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Allowing people to camp on our streets is misguided compassion. Allowing people to die on our streets is not compassionate at all. Compassion is not allowing people to suffer from lethal substance abuse on our sidewalks, drifting towards death as we walk by. Compassion is not allowing a mentally ill person to suffer a severe psychotic episode due to lack of treatment and lack of sleep because of fear at night. Continue reading

Affordable Housing

Portlanders need to be able to work and live where their jobs are and we need to provide housing for ALL incomes. Unfortunately, 66% of our public housing units have been eliminated since 1997. Our city is providing diminishing housing for our lowest income residents. We need to add more housing and more low-cost housing choices to end this downward spiral. Three options that I will fight for immediately while I dive into finding a solution to address the massive loss of public housing are: Continue reading

Climate Emergency

19 of the hottest 20 years have occurred during the past two decades. This warming trend also shows the unmistakable sign of human activity, which emits tens of billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. To protect my family, community and Portland, please join me in recognizing that we are experiencing a climate emergency. Every decision we make must consider the effects on the climate. Continue reading

Public Safety

50,000,000 Miles and ZERO Fatalities Our Vision Zero strategy is not working. Portland’s focus on providing a world class experience when we Walk, Bike or Ride will not succeed if we cannot provide a safe environment. We finished this past year with 50 traffic deaths, the highest in 22 years. Regrettably, one of my daughter’s school mates is included in last year’s fatalities. Unfortunately, pedestrians in low-income areas suffer the greatest loss of life in these accidents. Continue reading

Our Neighborhoods & Civic Groups

A House Divided Against Itself, Cannot Stand – Abraham Lincoln Our communities, neighborhoods and civic groups are needlessly at odds with one another. Last year the Office of Community and Civic Life, in an effort to be more inclusive of a growing and diverse Portland, attempted to change their charter to include civic groups. Unfortunately, the result has been only frustration from all parties. If given the opportunity, I would very much like to apply my experience and proven management skills to implement a solution that will involve listening to all parties, and working to UNITE Portland, not to divide.  Continue reading

Form Of Government

We are at the 10-year mark to review our city charter. I will vote to change from our current Commission form of government to a Council / Manager structure. I am a transportation expert and running on a platform to manage our transportation department. Our current commission form of government works in my case but in most circumstances, you have non experts running huge bureaus. Experience makes all the difference when creating and developing good policy. We need a city manager with professional management experience to ensure coordination between and among bureaus to more effectively and efficiently run our city. Our City Council should focus their efforts on setting our vision and policy. Continue reading