Form Of Government Subpage

We are at the 10-year mark to review our city charter. I will vote to change from our current Commission form of government to a Council / Manager structure. I am a transportation expert and running on a platform to manage our transportation department. Our current commission form of government works in my case but in most circumstances, you have non experts running huge bureaus. Experience makes all the difference when creating and developing good policy. We need a city manager with professional management experience to ensure coordination between and among bureaus to more effectively and efficiently run our city. Our City Council should focus their efforts on setting our vision and policy.


In addition,  a Council / Manager form with council seats representing districts will bring voices that represent all corners of our city. Our current at-large voting process leads to a lack of diversity, equity and opportunity for minorities with few exceptions. At large elections have resulted in only three people of color being elected in over 100 years and only one person from East Portland in decades. District based representation will improve the likelihood of a more diverse city council.