Thank you to all of our supporters. The endorsement of so many Portland citizens, community leaders, industry professionals and charity organizations confirms that it is time to reTHINK Portland.



  • Portland Tribune,  Editorial Board. Friday, April 17, 2020.
    “We did not expect to endorse Wilson. Then, we spoke to him…
    We liked his answers on homelessness and the unsheltered homeless population; his passion about addressing climate change; his take on equity and inclusion.
    As with another race this year, we asked the candidates for Position 4 where they stood on revamping Portland's chaotic and outdated governance structure. Most candidates equivocated because of the current pandemic crisis. Wilson said…, "If it's the right thing to do, then it's the right time to do it. Right now. I mean, when are we not in crisis?"
    That's a savvy answer. There's always a reason not to make the tough call….
    Keith Wilson gets our nod as a progressive businessman on a council that could use that perspective.”
  • Mark Johnston,  Deputy Assistant Secretary for homeless programs from 2007-2014. President Obama appointed Mark to serve as the Assistant Secretary overseeing homelessness and other community development programs from 2012 - 2014. Oversaw HUD's homeless programs which are the largest set of homeless programs in the federal government. May 2014 to present, Mark Johnston Consulting.
    "I met Keith when we were both visiting Unity of Greater New Orleans. Unity is an award-winning collaborative of 60 non-profit and governmental agencies providing housing and services to people experiencing homelessness. This coalition has made significant reductions in homelessness since 2007. Keith was meeting with them because he wanted to specifically know how. On his own, he just wanted to gain knowledge so that he could bring it back to Portland. Who does that? He is a Can-Do person. After that first chance meeting, Keith contacted me because I have worked on the issue of homelessness for years at the national level. Rather than have a short phone conversation to "check the box" on understanding the issues and possible solutions for Portland's homeless problem, Keith has reached out multiple times. Early on he asked to meet me in person and traveled to my home in Utah to discuss homelessness at length. During one of our conversations, he mentioned Portland’s high rate of homeless arrests, I had mentioned to him a very successful approach law enforcement and the courts use in San Diego for persons who are homeless. The next thing I know he has flown to San Diego and spent two weeks there working with the mayor’s office, their homeless court program and their homeless service agencies to fully understand how it reduced arrest rates and helped the homeless into housing and how it might be adapted for Portland. I'm not used to politicians digging into and really understanding issues and crafting specific solutions. In Keith's case, he's not a politician; he's someone who wants to, and if given the opportunity will, put his whole heart into measurably improving Portland. I wholeheartedly endorse Keith Wilson - Portland should too."

  • Angus Duncan,  Chair of the Oregon Global Warming Commission
    "One of the lessons I’ve learned in seeking environmental outcomes that work also for the business community is that businesses have to tend to the here and now.  They have to stay focused on serving their current customer and securing the next one; on keeping their work force trained and engaged; and especially on managing cash flow. 

    Public policy asked its practitioners to think strategically, to plan beyond the next quarter and often to the next generation and beyond; to skate to where the puck will be, not to where it is just now. 

    Both perspectives are true, and essential.  But precious few candidates for Portland City Council can manage both.  Keith Wilson is such a candidate, and I’m pleased to be able to endorse his candidacy.

    Keith runs a trucking company.  You know, the big two- and three-trailer jobs you see cruising the freeways, as well a smaller fleet for more local deliveries.  You might expect Keith to be protesting the effort to transition Portland and Oregon away from the fossil fuels that today power his fleet, in favor of low-carbon alternatives.

    But Keith gets the need for the earth to shift out of oil and gas.  He’s looking forward – the right direction – by exploring how to electrify his truck fleet.  Sure, he knows it might cost him more up front, to save the planet for his kids.  But he also knows something casual observers don’t; that as trucking technology evolves, he stands to lower both his carbon emissions and his cost per ton-mile driven.  That’s the cost he cares about; it will save him money and reduce pressure on his monthly cash flow.

    That’s the kind of creative, committed, strategic thought and action the City Council deserves in these difficult times.  That’s why I’m very pleased to support and to add my endorsement to the many other Portland citizens who agree that Keith Wilson would be a great addition to the Portland City Council."

  • Chris Aiosa,  Executive Director of Do Good Multnomah, Homeless Veterans Advocate
    “I’m personally endorsing Keith Wilson because he and I are both strong advocates for deeply affordable housing.  While in my professional life I am regularly working and advocating for individuals who fall on all points of the housing crisis spectrum, I personally believe that deeply affordable housing is ultimately the way to end that crisis.  Keith gets that, so he has my endorsement.”

  • Mariah Dula,  Neighborhood Association Leader
    "Keith Wilson is the collaborative—not combative—leader that Portland needs to bring us through this crisis and address the problems that neighbors really care about: livability, a fair system and economic opportunity. Keith has demonstrated he is the informed and balanced decision maker we can trust to engage and enhance the neighborhood system that makes Portland unique. As a non-profit and neighborhood leader, I have confidence that Keith will effectively represent the needs of Portland’s communities because he listens and works with policymakers and grassroots groups for progressive solutions."

  • Nathan Young,  Owner, MODS PDX, deeply affordable housing builder

  • Tom Kelly,  President of Neil Kelly Design
    “Keith has a talent that is needed on the commission………that is running a business successfully. Combine that with his commitment to fighting climate change and we have a winning combination.”

  • Lisa Ortquist,  CPA at Ortquist & Associates
    "Keith runs his business with precision, constantly monitoring and fine-tuning.  He has done extensive research of cities that work and is prepared to bring that knowledge along with his business expertise to Portland.  He is a proven leader and will be a voice of logic and reason on City Council.  It's time this city was run with the efficiencies of a successful business."

  • Burt Rosen,  Chief Marketing Officer
    "Keith and I have known each other for over 30 years. We worked together at NBC selling primetime television advertising. Keith was great. No one worked harder, was more loved by his clients, or was a better partner to everyone who worked there than Keith. And, he did everything with his signature huge smile, grace and humor. Keith's experience and personality would be a huge help to the city of Portland. I hope he gets elected!"

  • Dr. Todd KuetherNeurosurgeon
    "During the 15 years I have known Keith, I have found him to be the most upstanding individual. Keith is extremely intelligent, with a keen business acumen, yet compassionate in all regards.  He has always shown himself to be a true leader and open to differing opinions.  His experience growing and running a successful business will translate well to his role as city councilman.  He truly loves Portland and likes to share many fond childhood stories of growing up here.  I truly support Keith Wilson."

  • Mike Mercer,  Principal, MMercer Consulting
    "A full throated endorsement for Keith Wilson as City Commissioner, Position 4. Keith is not your typical successful business leader turned aspiring politician. He's successful alright, but always by putting his employees, community and planet first. A trucking company CEO who leads on climate change and worker well-being is exactly the type of leadership Portland needs."

  • Lisa Gomez,  Chief Operating Officer at LM Development (NYC). Oversees 14,000 affordable housing units in New York City.
    "Keith is that rare person who seeks balance and results over ideology. He takes time to understand issues and works toward equitable solutions. Thirty years ago we met in New York and became friends as we started our careers. Now, when we talk, it is about affordable housing and how we can make a difference!  Keith has a passion for Portland and strives to make it a better place for everyone. He will be a valuable asset to the City Council."

  • Gerard Miller,  Driver Training Manager at TITAN Freight
    “Portland would be crazy not to elect Keith! As a former marine, I know real leaders. Keith and I have been in many crisis’ together over the past 20 years and he has been solid in each. He doesn’t panic and always listens to every perspective before moving decisively. His trustworthiness and follow through are impeccable – always putting others well-being above his own.”
  • McKenna Fielding,  BSN, RN
    "I am a nurse and Keith’s niece. I would always be his niece but without his help and guidance, I do not know if I would have become a nurse. From my senior year of high school on, he has been my mentor and helped guide me to go to college. He would call every month to check in and helped pay for my tuition. I wish I could say I was special, but he has done this for all of his nieces and nephews and every one of us have graduated from college.”

  • Jeff Love,  Attorney at Klarquist & Sparkman

  • Jeff Yamin,  Investment Analyst at Citadel LLC

  • Nick Begleries,  Vice President at Nanolumens

  • David Bigelow,  Pharmacist at OHSU

  • William Coe,  Vice President at USI Insurance Services

  • Melissa Coe,  Sr Acct Executive at Regence BCBS

  • Sondra Flannagan,  Neighbor            

  • Norma Brown,  Neighbor            

  • Maurice Imhoff,  Neighbor

  • David Margulis,  Owner of Margulis Jeweler

  • Rob Bennett,  Mechanic at TITAN Freight Systems, formerly homeless and now helps other homeless

  • Brian Wilson,  Commercial Real Estate and Housing development, Community Leader and Neighborhood Advocate

  • Michael Scott Crowell,  Marketing          

  • Kevin Chigbrow,  Sales Leader

  • Kevin Murphy,  Fire Fighter - Lieutenant

  • Sean Johnson,  Fire Fighter

  • Jeff Boles,  Fire Fighter

  • Linda Keesey,  Nurse

  • Sandy Toner,  Nurse

  • John Kenagy,  SVP / CIO at Legacy Health

  • Andy Frazier,  Frazier Wealth Management