Cap and Trade

Keith visiting the Freightliner electric proving grounds in Los Angeles this past October. They are nearly ready for primetime. Let’s roll!

“This past 20 years have been the hottest on record. we have to rethink our approach to climate change,” Keith Wilson, president at Titan Freight, said. “This warming trend shows the unmistakable sign of human activity. We strongly urge all senators and representatives to come together and help our state be the nation's leader in carbon reduction and green technology. This is good for Oregon's air and good for Oregon's businesses.” - Keith Wilson

Find out more about Cap and Trade HERE

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  • Keith Wilson
    commented 2020-02-11 09:16:56 -0800
    Denise, the credits are applied to the purchase of these new electric trucks by the state. Electric trucks for the first 10 years or so will be more expensive than diesel engine technology and credits will be applied to lower the overall cost of the vehicle. Similar to how state and federal credits are applied to car purchases today, $7500 federal credit and $2500 state credit in most cases. This will help carriers invest in this new clean technology. Electric trucks have a circa 60% lower operating cost so these vehicles will immediately provide a carrier with a lower overall cost of operation and be zero emissions. Companies that transition to electrics will have an overall
    lower cost of operations which will keep carriers healthy, the air healthy and freight rates lower than if we did not have the credits available. Everyone benefits. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have anymore questions. Happy to explain further. Be well, Keith 503-850-0904.
  • Denise Pohrman
    commented 2020-02-10 20:31:30 -0800
    Keith, how many carbon credits does Titan intend to purchase?

    Does Titan intend to hold onto these credits after getting a “perk” for running these innovative new trucks along the I-5 corridor?

    Since you already know the lawmakers have decided to withhold the identities of these carbon credit holders and allow them to be bought up by companies from out of state or by companies who don’t ACTUALLY need them and they can be held onto and sold to the highest bidder WITHOUT paying any capital gains, then does that mean Titan may just own them but hold them until their value is EXTREMELY lucrative.

    I might sound “over the top” but how do you propose to keep your batteries charged and still make your E-log times? There aren’t enough driving hours in the day to keep these batteries charged and run the trucks the hours needed to finish their loads.

    We recently lost our freight company because Ashland to Portland is within 20 min of the max driving time for the driver.
    We are 9 min off I-5 (each way) so the company had to give our account up so he could make it home before his time is up. When will the time for charging take place? Do we get to overrrule the E-logs?

    I must say, if you are choosing to run for political office and you are openly showing your preference to these up and coming electric trucks then how do we trust that you have not sold out and don’t mind selling the other truck lives out l to the wolves because freightliner has offered Titan some R&D perks to run them and “test” them out?

    This smells very fishy. I don’t believe you are the best person to speak for trucking companies. This yells politics, sell outs and corruption.

    Best of luck and I hope I’m wrong.
  • Robin Zimmerman
    commented 2020-02-10 13:43:16 -0800
    Great article. Incredible how much fear and hate has been sold by “timber unity” going against the facts of how it would work. And so rarely is it mentioned this advent of electric semis as a coming eventuality and the cap and trade would help the timber and freight industry with the eventual change.